Crochet Keyrings Collection

A brief story of how my crochet keyrings came in to being! 

I stumbled across a collection of beautiful beads sometime ago.  I thought they were so beautiful that I had to find a way of incorportating them into my work! 

Now at this stage there is something you should know…. Once I have an idea I may get carried away!  The most annoying thing is that my fingers cannot work quick enough to keep up!  Also you should know that I have a magpie extinct…. once I start thinking beads I find that I have ‘stumbled across’ two more sources – quite by chance of beautiful beads that I cannot resist!

Armed with what is now bagfuls of beads of all shapes, colours and sizes… I need to get creative.  As lovely as they are I can’t just keep them I need to use them!  I have lots of ideas, the first and main one was crochet keyrings.  

This collection of crochet keyrings combines my bead findings with handmade, double sided crochet flowers in a variety of colours.  I have selected colours that I think work well together and added a variety of textures and shapes to make each crochet keyring a unique design.

So here we are – the first (of many) collections of Rachel’s Wreaths Keyrings!  It would be great to here what you lovely people think of them in the comments section below.

Needless to say I have many more ideas that I haven’t had time to get out of my head and into reality at this stage… but watch this space, hopefully I will get them all made before I find any more treasures that I get an overwhelming urge to buy and include in my work! 

In the meantime I do have ideas regarding the usage of keyrings – why restrict them to just keys!  They would make lovely aditions to handbags, shopping bags, laptop cases, cupboard doors and even mobiles!  

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You will find them for sale here #Etsy : 

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